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The year was 1932 and the Chicago gangsters were heading to the North Woods for some R & R. One of their favorite stopping points was the Hayward Lakes area and the “Aladdin Inn”. Stories have surface of G-Men posing as waiters in hopes of apprehending some of these notorious criminals of that day. In 1960 it was renamed The Ranch, complete with buffalo, a deer farm and a very colorful proprietress, Vivian Levinson. We took over the reigns in 1987 with a commitment to preserving the traditional “North Woods Supper Club” dining experience…..


So join us….sit back & relax…..and enjoy a great evening!

● The relish tray      ● Hand cut steaks      ● The North Woods staple...Walleye      ● Friday Fish Fry
● Saturday Prime Rib      ● Classic cocktails featuring the infamous “Old Fashioned”